Link Platform as a Service

What is it?

Link Platform as a Service (Link PaaS) is a development platform that enables development teams to build, secure, deploy, market, and monetize applications or advanced APIs that enhance or benefit from the payer/provider data exchange and workflow.

Lpaas main

Link portal main


A self-service site creation tool that allows you to create secure sites with applications and functionality to engage your users.


A constantly growing collection of secured services that enable
modern architectures to improve user and system experiences.

04 link event manager 1x

Event Manager

A distributed messaging platform that lets your application publish and subscribe to streams of events and move away from point-to-point integration.

05 link context manager 1x

Context Manager

A mechanism for improving the user experience by facilitating a seamless transfer of the user and their context from your application to another application.

06 link identity exchange 1x

Identity Exchange

A one-stop source of truth for the user security profile information your application needs.

07 link provider security 1x

Provider Security

A Link user management utility available to developers or applications seeking to manage users within the context of an organization.


API Marketplace

A marketplace for developers to publish and consume, distribute, discover, and monetize, Link-complementary payer/provider APIs and services.


App Marketplace

A marketplace to quickly expand capabilities by offering your provider network access to existing applications and services that deliver a single healthcare transaction provider experience.